Brooker Engineering, PLLC completed a drainage study of Hadar Park, owned by the Village of Grand View-on-Hudson. The park is a 1.5 mile long former railroad bed located along the steeply sloped hillside of the Hudson River which was converted into a walking and bicycle path. Due to the steep slopes and impervious areas uphill of the path, the path frequently flooded from both high intensity, short duration and low intensity, long duration rainfall events and had been an ongoing source of flooding for the downhill residents. The high velocity nature of the flooding also resulted in severe erosion. We identified potential points of interest to allow the concentrated stormwater runoff to cross under the walking path via new culverts. We aided the Village in obtaining required easements from private property owners in order to convey the runoff away from the path and downhill to the Hudson River. We performed hydrologic analyses for the 2-, 10-, 25-, 50-, and 100-year rainfall events.

Village of Grand View-on-Hudson