Brooker Engineering provided full engineering design services for the Lake Lucille Dam replacement project.  Lake Lucille provides an integral recreational amenity for the surrounding community.  Working closely with the Town of Clarkstown and local community residents, Brooker Engineering carefully designed the project to incorporate the community concerns into the project goals by restoring the natural ecosystem for flora and fauna in the lake and around the dam.

The project included: a complete replacement of the weir and spillway system; structural improvements to the existing dam and impoundment area; lake drain and sluice gate design; and restoration of the lake embankments and vegetation.

In order to increase the spillway length to meet hydraulic parameters, a new three-sided spillway was designed just upstream of the existing dam location.  A new culvert and road system was designed at the location of the old spillway to maintain traffic access to the residential development.

Brooker Engineering prepared hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for existing and proposed conditions, including a Probable Maximum Flood Study and Dam Break Analysis as per NYSDEC requirements for Class C High Hazard dams. The dam was designed in conformance with NYSDEC Part 673: Dam Safety Regulations and Part 608: Use and Protection of Waters.

Town of Clarkstown

Structural, Water Resources