As the municipal engineering consultant for the Village of Piermont, we assisted in the reconfiguration of the Piermont North Parking Lot. The parking lot previously served a variety of municipal operations, including space for a storage shed for the Piermont Fire Department. As part of an effort to provide more parking for the downtown commercial district, the fire department storage area was relocated to the Piermont Pier. Brooker Engineering designed the new boathouse at the Pier to serve the Fire Department, whose responsibilities include river rescues as part of their many duties. The Piermont Pier is a 1.5 mile projection into the Hudson River and is subject to flooding and high velocity wave action. Brooker Engineering completed a geotechnical analysis to value engineer an economical foundation design, which resulted in a concrete spread footing. We completed the site engineering for the building, including floodplain development constraints, and the structural engineering design for the building foundation. We provided construction stakeout services for the structure and construction support for the contractor and building manufacturer. The building was completed right before Hurricane Sandy and sustained no significant structural damage despite being located within the banks of the Hudson River.

Village of Piermont