Extensive construction support including project management, inspections, and coordination of our design work from the planning stage through to the conclusion of the project.

Brooker Engineering, PLLC has the ability to provide extensive construction support including project administration, inspections, and coordination of our design work from the initial ground breaking phase through the conclusion of the project. Our inspection department provides inspections for both civil and structural projects. Brooker Engineering provides quality control throughout the construction phase of capital and development projects to assure compliance with the approved plans and specifications. The scope of our construction support services begins with the preparation of RFQ’s or plans and specifications to assist our clients in soliciting contractors to perform the work. It continues with our involvement in pre-construction meetings, shop drawing review, and ultimately construction inspections. During the construction phase, support is also provided in the management of field conflicts and changes, approval of contractor’s requests for payment, preparation of punch lists, and final close out of successfully completed projects.

Brooker Engineering has a staff of certified inspectors to review a vast variety of civil engineering tasks, including:


  • Structural Cold-Formed Steel
  • Concrete – Cast-In-Place
  • Concrete – Precast
  • Masonry
  • Wood – Installation of Prefabricated I-Joists
  • Soils – Site Preparation
  • Soils – Fill Placement and In-Place Density
  • Soils – Investigations (Borings/Test Pits)
  • Pile Foundations and Drilled Pier Installation
  • Pier Foundations
  • Underpinning
  • Wall Panels, Curtain Walls, and Veneers
  • Structural Safety – Structural Stability
  • Excavation – Sheeting, Shoring, and Bracing


  • Soil Percolation Test – Drywell
  • Soil Percolation Test – Septic
  • NYS Department of Transportation Inspections
  • Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Inspections
  • Road Improvements
  • Utility Improvements
    • Water and Sewer
  • Recreational Improvements
  • Curb and Sidewalk Improvements

In addition, Brooker Engineering is a designated New York City Special Inspection Agency. Special inspections are mandated by the NYC Building Code to be conducted during the construction phase in order to verify that work is being done in accordance with approved plans and specifications. These inspections must be completed by an agency that has been approved by the New York City Building Department.